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My stock picks expert strategy for buying and selling is based on:
  1. Insider buying (most important)
  2. High increase in Sales income
  3. High increase in Earnings Pr Share - EPS
  4. High Return On Equity - ROE
  5. High growth rate in share price (positive trend)
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The insider in the company should be the expert. If at least two insiders are buying stocks for a big amount at the marked price, it will be a good fundament for a good investment. Every day I go go through more than 200 insider buying announcements sent to the stock exchanges to find the best investment out there.

Stock Picks Service

I cover all these countries with my stock picks strategy:

Free Stock,United States, US US Free Stock Picks Canada Canada Free Stock Picks United Kingdom UK UK Free Stock Picks Australia Australia

Germany Stock tips Insider deutschen Aktienmarkt. Eine empirische Analyse. Germany Norway Norge aksje tips Innside kjøp Norway  Sweden Stock tips insynshandel Sverige Sweden  Stock Tips Denmark Denmark

You can buy stocks in all countries above if you have a Saxo bank account. Among 10 stock picks, it will be on average 8 winners, and 2 losers, and 1 of the winners will more than double in price.


Stock Picks Expert

S&P 500
2013 66% 26%

 In order to generate some income and cover my expenses, I have to charge:

9$ for 1 stock pick, one optional country Buy A Stock Now, Stock Picks from a Stock Picks Expert


Free Stock Handshake Deal Because of a time tested unique successful strategy where I select the absolute best stocks from 10 countries, is it possible to give you a money back guarantee (9$) if your lose money on the stock pick you get. I will use paypal to pay you back. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the CEO . If you think 9$ is to much for a stock tips. No problem, you can find some free stock picks on this site: Free Stock Picks.
New....I am now offering stock picks from China (Hong Kong Stock Exchange) and from the
Singapore Exchange (SGX)

300$ for all stock picks, one year Buy A Stock Now, Stock Picks from a Stock Picks Expert

3500$ for all stock picks life timeBuy A Stock Now, Stock Picks from a Stock Picks Expert

In my life time deal you also get access to all my tools. I will also share all my knowledge, and answer all questions.

For institutional investors I normally take 10 times above prices in fixed fee. If I have to manage the account myself. (Do all the buying/selling) I will accept a deal where I keep 2% of the profit when I beat the market index, but I am always open for negotiation about terms/provision.



About 75% of all the Mutual Fond don't beat the marked index in the long run. Most of the fond charge 2% a year or more regardless of ther results. On a 20000$ invesment, they will charge you 400$ or more. Solution: Buy Stocks, Exchange Traded Funds or Index Fond

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